Map of attractions in Paris: it is worth to see

Map sights of Paris: that is worth seeing
 Paris, the city of love and romance, attracts tourists from all over the world. Number of places of interest here is so great to see all that one visit is unlikely, therefore desirable to know the map of the city's attractions in advance.
 Business Card Paris - Eiffel Tower, built in the late 19th century and reaches a height of three hundred meters. You can go up in a transparent elevator and see the whole city at a glance. This is the best observation deck of the French capital.

No less famous Louvre, previously the former royal residence. Even those who do not like visiting museums, planning to stay in Paris should take a look at it at least briefly. Should come here, even for a single exhibit - the world famous Djakonda. But going to the Louvre, just need to be ready to defend this right in a rather long queue for tickets. The number of those wishing to purchase their great any time of year.

Continues sights of Paris Jardin du Luxembourg, the famous works of many poets. Located in the palace of Marie de Medici it today is a modern exhibition center of sculpture and painting, but the main attraction of the park - a fountain Medici, who is considered the most romantic in the city.

Thinking about what to see in Paris, you should definitely visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, also known as Notre Dame. It is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture is still valid, there are services, and once a month and on special occasions to worship believers endure special Christian relics. From the square in front of the cathedral begins the roads of France.

This is not the only monument of architecture of the traditions of the 19th century reminds arch Kruazel, majestically rising not far from the Louvre. It was created at the request of Napoleon, as well as the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees. Monumentality data structures surprises, so take a look at them costs.

Not less famous Champs Elysees themselves by a previously wetlands originally as a park for a walk crowned heads, and then turned into a tourist attraction. Today it is not only walking area, starting from the Tuileries Gardens, and entertainment complex, which includes cafes, restaurants, shops and cinemas.

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