Map of attractions: Royal Madrid

Map of attractions: Royal Madrid
 Madrid - Spain's capital, but not only famous for this. The city is considered a kind of open-air museum. It truly royal architecture attracts tourists from all over the world.
 Madrid by day - very quiet, unhurried, its streets a good walk, viewing the majestic Gothic cathedrals, luxurious building in baroque style, attend a variety of galleries and exhibitions.

At night the city is transformed like: wandering around lively company, people move from one to the other places of entertainment, all burning bright lights. No wonder Madrid is considered one of the most rave cities in Europe.

By the way, it is considered the heart of La Puerta del Sol. Here originate and terminate all the tourist routes, here is the zero kilometer, the first light and the best pastry shop. Here the symbol of Madrid - bear with strawberry tree. It was at La Puerta del Sol residents of the capital under the chiming clock celebrate the New Year.

Madrid without reason called royal. This city has many stunning palaces. One of them, the Emperor, is recognized as the largest in Europe. He is so luxurious that Napoleon himself once admitted that this palace surpasses Paris Tuileries. Inside the 2,000 rooms and around the building - beautiful gardens, fountains.

Nearby - the three main museum of the capital: the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, the Reina Sofia and the famous Prado. The exhibition Prado - paintings by Murillo, Cano, Zurbarán, Goya, Velazquez. In total more than 1,000 paintings. Reina Sofia Museum will give pleasure to enjoy the works of Miro, Dali, Picasso. Thyssen Bornemisza collection gathered several generations of this noble family. The exhibition - the paintings of El Greco, Caravaggio, Brueghel, the work of the Impressionists.

In Madrid, it is necessary to visit the Plaza de España. There are many old buildings, amazing Liria Palace, a monument to the great writer Miguel de Cervantes and his characters - Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. In the Plaza de la Villa stands an interesting old town hall in the Baroque style. And in the north-east of the city remained Obispo and San Isidro - majestic Gothic chapel.

Back in Madrid many beautiful park ensembles. One of the most famous, Buen Retiro, was built under Philip IV. Imagination grand palace of crystal, picturesque ponds, exquisite fountains and sculptures. Also worthy of attention park Oeste with delivered from Egypt Debod temple and Royal Botanic Gardens.

However, in the capital of Spain has a lot of interesting things. During one trip to explore all the attractions will not succeed. So there will be a reason to come to this wonderful city again.

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