Maldives: a piece of heaven on earth

Maldives: a piece of heaven on earth
 Island of advertising of chocolate, where palm trees are surrounded by white sand beaches on the background of azure ocean, we can safely assume one of the 1,190 islands of the Maldives archipelago. This piece of paradise on earth, where all forget everyday problems, so here annually flock to tourists from all over the world.
 The Maldives are formed in 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean. Not all of them are inhabited by man, and from occupied nearly half is used as tourist resorts. Some islands are very small and can accommodate a hotel and only a narrow strip of beach or several detached bungalows. Looks particularly impressive when they are put on piles directly in the water.

Holidays in the Maldives hardly a cost-effective, but it's worth it. More romantic place is hard to find, so come here not only for beach bliss. Many young couples choose a wedding celebration in the Maldives, aided by the unique nature and climate.

This resort is also quite convenient for tourists with its visa facilitation. For entry only need to show a tourist voucher and tickets to the specified date of return and up to 30 days, you can safely enjoy your vacation. Also, you should have the money at the rate of not less than $ 25 for a day of rest.

Tours to the Maldives are in demand throughout the year, as the water temperature does not drop below 24 ° C here ever. But is considered the most comfortable autumn and winter, when there is heavy rain and winds.

These places are considered ideal for diving, as clear water allows you to examine in detail the beauty of the underwater world. Therefore, active here as possible.

As such attractions Maldives practically absent because of that area of ​​islands is not great. The largest city in the state - Male. You can visit the National Museum, the Islamic Center, Sultan Park, buy local souvenirs. The remaining islands are good precisely because of its wildlife and the lack of traces of human activity.

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