London - the fashion capital

London - the fashion capital
 London - the capital of the UK, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its many attractions, historical and architectural monuments, museums and parks attract a great number of tourists from literally all over the world.
 London is the capital of informal fashion. He recently picked this title in New York. Of course, the important role played in this marriage of Prince William with Kate Middleton, for bridal gowns, as well as the guests present at their wedding, discussed in detail in a number of newspapers, television and blogs.

London - a city where you can buy absolutely any clothing from the strict, classical models, up to the most extravagant, even shocking. Those who want to dress original and inexpensive, can visit the shops in the neighborhood Camden Town. In the same way, it is possible to get a good second-hand clothes. But supporters of strict, conservative style prefer to shop in the area of ​​Notting Hill. People who prefer to go shopping, even without a real purpose to buy anything, rush to the famous Oxford Street - one of the main shopping streets of the British capital. There's always crowded. Shops on this street a great variety to suit every taste and budget, from luxury multi-storey shopping malls to tiny boutiques.

Buyers who do not like jam and hubbub, prefer to buy clothes in the street, located in the vicinity of Oxford Street. In particular, on New Bond Street. Clothing stores located there, calculated on solid audience, unaccustomed to save. Well, those buyers who are just really expensive, exclusive things, to visit the main shopping street in London - the legendary King's Road. It is here that the most fashionable boutiques.

Those buyers who love to spend hours wandering the markets, should definitely visit Portobello Road Market. Just to be able to plunge into a truly British atmosphere, to see how people live and behave ordinary Londoners.

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