Journey to the foot of Mount Fuji

Journey to the foot of Mount Fuji
 For many, the journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, mysterious and beautiful, just a beautiful dream. But some still manage to go there. If you intend to join the ranks of the lucky ones get ready to admire unusual traditions, sweeping views, surprising strange customs. Depending on the circumstances and personal preferences, you will see many interesting places for each they own. But certainly not pass unnoticed by any guest symbol of Japan, majestic Fuji.
 This highest mountain eager to see all travelers. It is located 90 kilometers from the capital - Tokyo, on the peninsula of Honshu. Fuji - mountain, a dormant volcano, and at the same time a national park. Its height - 3776 meters above sea level. On a clear day it is possible to observe directly from Tokyo. But the vast majority of tourists is not so limited. Everybody wants to go at the foot or even climb.

As for the Japanese, they have Fuji is considered sacred, her name is Fuji-san. According to legend, it originated in one night, in 286 BC Then the earth opened, there was a huge lake Bava, and ejected from the soil originated mountain. The Japanese believe that to climb Mount Fuji, there to meet the sunrise and visit built on top of a Shinto temple at least once in a lifetime duty for all. This is usually done when at the peak disappears snow, in the summer season. It opens with a solemn parade in Tokyo.

In July and August, while at the foot of the great mountain, you can watch the crowds of people rushing to the top. This tourists, climbers, pilgrims. Recent dressed in white, jingle bells bear and sing something like "Our feelings let it be clean, and the weather on the mountain Honourable clear." Way usually takes 4-5 hours. At the end of the season climbing celebrate Himatsuri. Evening and night around the foot of Mount Fuji, and all the way to the top of the flare of torches millions. The spectacle of lights dotted the mountain is amazing.

At the bottom of Mount Fuji is also very beautiful, always. But the most spectacular scenery in the spring, when there begin to bloom numerous fruit trees, including the famous cherry. The landscape is decorated with five envelopes the northern side of the volcano clear lakes. Around stretched small picturesque villages, and through clubs thick clouds visible radiant, snow-capped peaks. This spectacle is worth it to enjoy it.

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