Ireland journey home Gulliver

Ireland journey home Gulliver
 Ireland - a country located on the same island, next to the United Kingdom. Most of the island occupies the Republic of Ireland, a smaller - Northern Ireland (Ulster), still part of the United Kingdom. To the west of Ireland by the Atlantic Ocean in the east - the Irish Sea.
 Water in the Atlantic, even in the height of summer is pretty cool, its temperature does not exceed 18 degrees. Therefore, the summer in Ireland moderately warm and humid. But thanks to the same ocean, playing the role of a giant reservoir of heat, and the Gulf Stream, winter in this country is not cold, the temperature is extremely rare drops below 0 degrees. Usually in the middle of winter it keeps near the mark of 7 degrees. And when you consider that the climate is not only mild but quite wet, no wonder the country's unofficial name "Green Island".

History is replete with tragic pages of Ireland, since the Viking invasions and ending with the Great Famine in the mid-19th century, when the potato crop failures - the main food of the poor - have led to the death of many people. Millions of Irish people to escape from poverty and starvation, were forced to leave their homeland in search of a better life overseas. Among them was, for example, Patrick Kennedy - the grandfather of the 36th US President John F. Kennedy.

Oddly enough, endured deprivation harden not Irish. In most part, it's fun, friendly and hospitable people, who knows the price of a simple everyday pleasures. The Irish love to sing and dance, simultaneously paying tribute to its famous beer and Irish cuisine - simple but very generous and tasty. It may seem incredible that these people still actually split into two parts: finding the supporters of Northern Ireland as part of the UK (the so-called unionists) and supporters of reunification with the Republic of Ireland Ulster. Nevertheless, it is. And if the Irish question and will be allowed, it is still a very long time.

Many tourists come every year to admire its Green Island attractions. Most of them are located in the capital of Ireland - Dublin. Some are associated with the name of the famous writer Jonathan Swift - author of "Gulliver's Travels." For example, this is the famous Trinity College and St. Patrick's Cathedral, dean since 1713 was swift. This cathedral is being built in the XIII century., Writer, and found his last resting place.

Even more ancient Anglican Christ Church Cathedral. He began to build the Vikings in 1038, and construction was over almost two hundred years later, in the first half of the XII century.

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