How to travel independently

How to travel independently
 Trips organized by travelers on their own, have a number of advantages: the ability to make any tourist route, plan your travel to different cities and countries to come up with a program for every day, to determine the place of residence, etc. And all this - only according to their own wishes, focusing on their tastes and preferences.  
 In order to organize an independent trip, prepare thoroughly.

For reservation, payment and ticketing, car rental, etc. often requires a credit or debit cards Visa or MasterCard level with sufficient credit limit or residue. If necessary, pre-draw on their name two cards of different banks. Take a trip both in case of loss, blocking or fraud with the card.

Next, decide which country and city you want to visit.

Purchase tickets on the plane, train, bus, etc. The cheapest book tickets on their own sites transportation companies.

Book hotels, campsites, apartments along the route. Remember that when you visit the Visa Waiver countries may be more advantageous to choose a hotel or rented apartment on the spot.

Obtain medical insurance to travel abroad. Some banks offer to holders of its plastic cards preferential annual travel insurance. Check with your bank about this possibility.

Find out whether you need a visa to visit the selected country / countries. If necessary, arrange it. To obtain a visa, prepare documents and sign up for an interview / submission of documents to the embassy or visa application center. To learn how to do it, and what kind of necessary documents found on the official website of the Embassy of the country. As a rule, applicants for visas to perform short trips must submit: a valid passport, application form for a visa, proof of accommodation, round-trip tickets on the intended mode of transport or a certificate of registration of the vehicle, proof of your financial solvency, health insurance et al.

If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you determine what the embassy of the country you need a visa, it is possible by the following rule. You must apply for a visa of the country in which you will be more nights, or, if you stay on the territory of several countries the same number of nights, then we must ask for a visa at the embassy of the country of first entry.

The next step Plan your trip by a day. Considered in detail what you do on each day of your trip. Decide whether you will take the car rental or travel by public transport, buy trips from local guides to rest all the time at the beach or to make forays into other cities. Depending on this, book a car or train tickets / planes / ships to navigate through "his" route. Take everything out of the house that can be useful in this case - an international driving permit, the navigator, guides, maps, audio guide in Russian, etc. Traveling on your own car, take out insurance Green Card.

When planning the use of individual routes Experiences placing records of their independent travel on such resources as and

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