Hotels just for women: what is it?

Hotels just for women: what is it?
 The struggle for gender equality does not cease until the present day. One of its characters become active penetration of women in those areas that have always been considered exclusively male prerogative. And as a sign: "For men only! "Produces many feminists have the same effect as a red rag to a bull.

But here's the paradox: fiercely fighting for equality, the weaker sex does not see anything wrong in the creation not only of individual cars for women, taxis for women, but even hotels for women. Some motivated by the fact that "women need an area where they can feel themselves safe from male harassment," others say diplomatically, saying, you know, equality equality, but women compared to men are more shy, more in need of comfort, comfort. If she knows that only around of her sex, she will no longer feel the tension, relax, be able to have a good rest.

What known logic in these arguments there. Anyway, the first hotel for women opened its doors back in 1927 in New York. His specialty was clearly visible in the title: «Barbizon Hotel for Women». Men on the hotel grounds is not allowed. This rigid order was softened only at the end of the last century.

Terms accommodation for women may vary considerably depending on local laws and wishes of the owner. Somewhere in the whole territory of the restricted area is for men somewhere - separate floor or multiple floors. In the most rigorous hotels men do not work even janitors or security guards. The entire staff there exclusively female. In other hotels, this rule is not so strict, and there the men denied access only to specific "ladies' floors.

A characteristic feature of such institutions - increased attention to safety and comfort. Hotel owners are trying to women staying there, literally felt like home, not even faced with the slightest discomfort and fear nothing.

Especially popular are similar institutions in Europe. In those regions of the world where there is still dominated by the Shariah, the idea of ​​women's reservation until only theoretical. The fact is that in orthodox Muslim countries women are not allowed to book a hotel room alone unaccompanied husband or a male relative. Exceptions like hotel «Luthan» in Riyadh Riyadene change the overall picture. And even then, this hotel was able to open only because the idea of ​​actively "lobbying" is one of the princesses of the royal house Saudis.

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