Holidays in the UAE Fujairah - the beach emirate

Holidays in the UAE Fujairah - the beach emirate
 The youngest Emirates - Fujairah, with picturesque mountain ranges, stretching along the Gulf of Oman in the Indian Ocean - the perfect place for a family holiday. But this does not mean that tourists will spend days overeat, revel and lie on the beach. Many hotels are a colorful oasis with lots of exotic birds, colorful flowers and walking paths. And it's nice to wander in the foam of the surf, looking at the ships and islands.
 Ocean ... He's always different. And color, and "texture." On the wave can watch endlessly. Today, it is the white seas, twisting and knocked down, but tomorrow it's easy caressing ripples. The water is clear, even at the shore visible placer shells and schools of fish. You can ride on a boat, parasailing, water skiing, kayaking ... And in the north of the emirate is a fishing town of Dibba - a great place for diving snorkeling or scuba diving. If you're lucky, you meet a lion fish, fish-stone ramp or turtle.

The emirate not the main source of prosperity UAE - oil, but has comfortable seating and a promising seaport. Fishing and agriculture - the main activities in Fujairah. So coming here, it is imperative to try all sorts of seafood and "plant" (green coconuts so that there sell for an amount equal to about our 50 rubles - this is something unusually large and tasty).

By the way, despite the fact that there is not oil is extracted, the ocean sometimes brings to the shores of the Black pieces of substances such as fuel oil (here referred to as tar, and when a pose on the beach signs with warnings and jugs with detergent and rags).

And for crabs in Fujairah can observe the same enthusiasm and infinite as the waves. Crabs different colors and sizes everywhere - at the bottom, on the huge stones on a sandy beach (in the morning when people around a little, even be able to see how they're digging burrows sideways and visit each other's homes). You can go for an evening hunt for crabs. This spectacle will be remembered for a lifetime, people in bright life vests, armed with lanterns and tridents, like Neptune, go to their knees in water and looking for crabs. And then they cook the catch! Very tasty.

You can also go to the mineral springs or on a boat to get to Oman and there fishing.

Very versatile tour at the Fujairah. Tourists show canyons - dried river gorges become; huge carpet market, where the locals come to choose something sort; contemporary and historical mosques (by the way, in the garden of huge cacti and trees, among which is the "Wish Tree", is the oldest mosque in the UAE, a little like a mosque, surrounded by watchtowers), the fortress ... And in the museum of the emirate and all you can touch with all photographed. And more exciting just to be photographed in national clothes.

In the hotel guests as local - large families, sometimes with multiple wives (often Arabs come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), as well as representatives of various countries with children of all ages. For each of the guys here there is entertainment to taste - ping-pong akvagrim, entertaining adventure playgrounds, competitions with animators, children's discos, etc.

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