Bus tours: Pros and Cons

Bus tours: Pros and Cons
 Bus tours firmly taken its niche in the travel market. This method of travel is both staunch supporters and ardent opponents.
 Bus tours are relatively cheap. That is, for those tourists who have limited finances, it is difficult to think of anything better. Any other option to travel a foreign country will be much more expensive.

Modern tourist buses quite comfortable, with soft seating and air conditioning. In addition, on the routes provided the stops to tourists could get out, walk, stretch your stiff muscles, buy something or need to visit the toilet. Therefore, even long journeys are not very tiring people.

The program is made up of bus tours in such a way to see a lot of attractions in a relatively short period of time. That is, tourists can visit a number of major cities in the country, receiving a lot of impressions. For people energetic, loving leisure is an undeniable advantage.

Tourists do not have to worry about accommodation, catering - everything is already provided by the program bus tour. Finally, in close contact with fellow travelers in the bus makes it possible to make new friends, find people with similar interests and hobbies. Sometimes it turns into a real friendship.

Plus a lot of bus tours. And what are the disadvantages? First of all tourists in this case, literally "tied" to the bus. Of course, they have free time in each city, but it is usually very limited. In addition, over them constantly dominates the thought: "Do not get lost would not be late." After all, the route group painted by the minute, the bus will not wait for them. And until next Accommodations have to get themselves at their own expense. And if you are still problems with the language? This inadvertently getting nervous.

Bus interior, even comfortable - not the most pleasant place for hours of leisure. Therefore, even hardy, patient man near the end of the tour probably feel tired. And it is in some degree may impair the overall impression of the trip.

Since these tours from the category of "economical", then the hotel will be quite modest, and the menu - monotonous. Someone from the tourists may not like it.

Finally, if in the group will be capricious, selfish person who only looking for something to complain about, something to complain about, and then the guide and driver, and other tourists can only regret. Alas, saying about the ointment fly in the ointment for the bus tour is more than relevant. Even a single brawler and a whiner can spoil the whole mood. And it will not get rid of it! Have to endure until the end of the tour.

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