Black Sea coast

Black Sea coast
 Russian Black Sea coast area extends from the Kerch Strait to the border with Abkhazia. These include: Gelendzhik and Tuapse district of Krasnodar region, as well as the resort of Anapa and Sochi. Riverside 350 km. comprised almost entirely of tourism infrastructure.
 In this corner of Russia adjoin the warm sea, palm trees and mountains. This year millions of people come, they rest, treated or find employment with the same interests. Divers, cavers, mountaineers, sailors, skiers have long chosen this place located at latitude resorts of the Adriatic, the French or Italian Riviera (42 ° -45 ° c. M.).

Humid, subtropical Mediterranean-type climate makes the Black Sea coast grand resort area. Ridges of the Greater Caucasus reliably protect these areas from northern and eastern winds. Therefore, here the prevailing westerly sea breeze, makes it easy to transfer heat.

Rich in fauna, which is about six thousand species of plants, draws its relics. Only here you can see tupolistnuyu pistachio, Colchis holly, pine Pitsundsky, Pontic Rhododendron or laurel.

Dissected topography Black Sea coast creates a wonderful landscape variety. Somewhere right at the sea shore low mountains and short ranges, pleasing to the eye associated natural Gorge caves, waterfalls, sinkholes.

If the site is close to the sea and low leveled, he is busy Colchis chestnut forests, studded with exotic plants. This acacia, vines, magnolia, palm trees, etc. Here are grown orchards and vineyards, cultivated citrus plantations, tea, tung.

Heterogeneous nature of the coast, and hence the variety of beaches. There is a gravel-pebble (between Adler and Ol'ginka), gravel (between Gelendzhik and Anapa), sand and shell (north of Anapa) beaches.

To the north shore of the estuary from Anapa, some of estuaries managed to dissociate itself from the sea, sand spits and steel salt lakes.
Black Sea coast - the perfect place to promote health and many types of tourism. The most comfortable stay here the nature of promises from early May to late October. According to the statistics for this period in the region might be only 8 - 12 cloudy days.

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