Belgian trio - Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges

Belgian trio - Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges
 Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges sparkle on the map Belgium, like diamonds. Lovers of the country's tourism is not very popular. There are no pyramids or the beaches, high mountains or canyons. People come here to see the sights and romantic feel modest but attractive charm Belgium.
 The main square of Brussels blooming every summer turns into a carpet of begonias. Canvas spread in the middle of the Grand Palace, and each time the color is kept secret from others. In the manufacture of craftsmen use only local begonias, and the size of the carpet is 77h24 meters.

Flower decorations covering act Gothic Town Hall, King's House, guild houses in the Baroque style. Mannequin Pis statue near, known as the "Manneken Pis". It is believed that she embodies the rebellious spirit of the Belgians. Monument steal with enviable regularity. Now hoisted for the fifth copy. Local people now and then tries on different outfits statue, the boy was already judoka and a warrior, and a jet of water is not just replaced beer.

Stroll through the city park, the halls of the Royal Palace, visit the Gothic cathedrals. And in the quarter Rue de Boshers has an amazing restaurant, it tables suspended at a height of 50 meters from the ground, and the waiters serve visitors on the lift.

One of the largest ports in Europe - Antwerp. Drive to the city can be from Brussels by train, it will take 35-40 minutes. The capital of Flanders, called the "City of Arts": here come from Rubens, Van Dyck Antoine and many other artists and cultural figures. The Cathedral of Our Lady contains paintings by Rubens, and the house-museum, on the street Vaper 9-11, will tell you about the work of this artist. Luxury mansion with rich decor was built in the 17th century.

Antwerp - diamond cutting center, the city has about 12 thousand masters of fine jewelry. The local population knows a lot about diamonds, so the majority of stores focused on the sale of jewelry. Most of the shops are located near the train station. You can find the presents intimate and easier, for example, pralines - a treat made of nuts and sugar or accessories from fashion designers.

Bruges - chocolate capital. This town with colorful low houses, narrow channels and lots of chocolate shops. And every two years, there is a festival dedicated to the favorite treat of cocoa beans.

Visit the museum Brangwyn, here is a collection of vintage lace, and then look at the museum and tasting fries crispy sticks. Belgians are absolutely sure that this way of cooking vegetable oil came out of their country, and erected fries in a national treasure. The museum potato treats the former chef of the royal family. Moreover, in Belgian excellent beer brewed on a secret recipe adding a caramel, fruit and herbs.

Swept through the channels on the boat, you will be able to get to those places where you will not get in the car or on foot. Popular and cycling trips, and transport is provided by any hotel for rent.

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