Attractions Glastonbury. Following the Grail

Attractions Glastonbury. Following the Grail
 Many tourists visiting the UK, the first thing is not sent to the capital, and in the small town of Glastonbury, one of the oldest in England. His popularity is obliged to place the abbey, where, according to legend, King Arthur rests, and which was brought to the holy grail.
 History of the Holy Grail begins with the Last Supper, in which Jesus Christ announced the twelve apostles that soon one of them will betray him. It is from this cup drank Savior; it was believed that the touch of lips son of God sanctified the Grail, whereupon he ordered the healing of the sick and the talent of eternal youth. That's only right after the crucifixion of Christ sacred cup was lost. Her search began for many Christians, the meaning of life. Meanwhile, and in oral and written traditions are increasingly found mention of the fact that the cup was removed from the territory of modern Israel in the British Isles, namely - in Glastonbury Abbey, the oldest in England.

Benedictine abbey was founded in Glastonbury in 712 by King Lucius. Place for construction was chosen: according to legend, on the territory of the future of the church in the fourth century AD was buried in St Patrick, who saved Ireland from snakes and became the hero of the national holiday. It is not surprising that since the advent of Glastonbury Abbey was shrouded in legends and mysteries. However, the true glory he brought Joseph of Arimathea. According to some sources, the man was a Jew, a merchant, on the other - uncle of Jesus. It was he who took possession of the Grail after Christ's death, taking the cup from Pontius Pilate, and brought shrine in England. In favor of this theory is the fact that after a few centuries, scientists have unearthed a sarcophagus containing the remains of Glastonbury Joseph. It was carved: "After the burial of Christ, I came to the Britons. I found peace. "

Restoring the crumbs of events thousands of years ago and "follow" for Joseph, historians have suggested that the Grail could be in Glastonbury Tor on the mountain. This is the case today, after the destruction of the abbey, from which in ruins, is the main attraction of Glastonbury. Interest of tourists heated legend that Thor is surrounded by mountain thereby lake, from which King Arthur pulled out his magic sword Excalibur. Burial Arthur and his wife, Queen Guinevere, is also located in this tiny English town. Covered with ancient legends, Glastonbury and in the twenty-first century believers attracts romantics and hoping that one day the Holy Grail is still there.

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