A hotel or a rented apartment where to live during your vacation?

A hotel or a rented apartment where to live during your vacation?
 If you are going on vacation, it is necessary to decide the question of residence. Thinking options, consider the risks and merits of each of them, or vacation can cloud the decision of household problems.
 Hotels offer a standard package of services and guest houses vacationers can enjoy the space and privacy. For a separate entrance and no noisy neighbors can pay more. Provided space does not limit the freedom of movement of the family and you do not have to huddle in three or four double suites in the case of renting an apartment - at your service the whole house.

Disadvantages guest houses: the need to keep order in the room, change clothes, cook and go to the grocery store. In this case, much time is spent on solving everyday problems, but you can do it yourself or hire employees, the high cost of services which can be unpleasant surprise. Hotel room service staff - maids, concierges, headwaiters, messengers, waiters, etc. You do not have to worry about clean sheets and a dirty trash can, you can completely relax and not worry about the little things. If the vacation is short, it is a pity to waste time on cleaning and washing. Choose a hotel where all the services are included in the payment of accommodation and you can not worry about the quality of service.

Availability own kitchen solves the problem of food when you can not or do not want to eat in the restaurant, and when accompanied by children on the trip. Kids need fresh food, nutrition - these conditions you can not control, being in the hotel restaurant. Search for products, daily cooking does not allow you to relax and hiring chefs coming to the same family can be expensive.

Rest with children require entertainment, playgrounds, community peers, etc. If you choose to stay in a hotel, the child will not be bored. Animators, children's playground with swings and roundabouts modern, swimming pool and other attributes of a family vacation would enable parents not to worry about the safety of the child. In a rented house to find a company of children - a great success, and even entertain them exactly no one will care all fall on the shoulders of parents.

Choose a location on your holiday according to the needs, look for compromises and enjoy the sea, sun and fresh air.

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