Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?
 The eternal question of all families "who's boss"? Numerous studies of this issue show that young families in a leadership position often held by women, while in mature - men. However, the concept of "landlord" depends not only on this.

By the behavior of their parents, their manner of relating to one another people, growing up, trying to build their marriage and family relations. There are several types of families where one person becomes the "master of the house."

On the part of women this can be a dominant position (the parent). In this case, the woman will become a reliable, caring mother, guardian of her husband and the main earner in the family. If a child in the house "commanded" father, her attitude towards her husband, most likely, will become a subsidiary.

The variant with the same boy. Inheriting an example of a strong, domineering father, the son will grow head home. If for some reason my father was not dominant in the family, the role of men in relationships with women will be filial. Such a man will always be a "cry hem", to shift decision-making or removal of any problems at the woman.

Often there are times when the family are the two leaders. In this case between them will always fight for the right to be in charge. The vast majority of such marriages do not survive long relationship and break up.

If a child has a child-parent family, the pattern of relationships with the opposite sex in the age of accountability may vary. For example, if the father was not in the house, the first boy is likely to be inclined to filial position. However, the creation of family relations, it may want to rethink the value and become the "head" of the house. With such a man live in a marriage is difficult, because he will try to constantly prove their superiority and will be unpredictable in their actions.

What girl swinging in the absence of his father's attention, it may take one of the following positions. Or to become a strong and independent (mother), or to fill an inner need to be a daughter to her husband.

In fact, the family - is a union of two free people, two individual personalities. And to the question "who's boss" never arose between two people, you need to talk to each other, to find compromises and solutions to internal family problems together.

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