How to be a good wife

How to be a good wife
 If this poll happy couples that go out the door registrar, whether they plan to live a future life together, the vast majority of them firmly replied: "Yes! ". But the objective statistics show that in just three years, more than half of them will be divorced. This indicates a lack of understanding and that the expectations of each of the spouses did not materialize. But how to be a good wife to create your family was really strong and it did not threaten divorce?
 As a minimum, success in creating a strong, loving family by 50% depends on the woman. And due to the fact that it was on her shoulders to go to the birth and upbringing of children, her interest in a stable marriage increases. Your job, as a wife, to make sure that your house was the place where your husband, you and your children have always been nice to come back. Make it so that it was comfortable for everyone.

To begin with it a rule to respect the personal space of each other. Family - it's not a session of exhibitionism and each spouse should know and see only what he wants and can tell and show. Do not meddle in the soul and not require recognition, if you see that your loved something concerned. Just hug him, tell of their love and support, this is the best. Be yourself and some free space, the right to be alone.

Sincerely love your husband, show him the love and respect. Once he became your chosen one, you should be proud of him and believe in him. He must know that you - his ally and always support in difficult times. Their advice can be given only if you request it and try to be thoughtful and measured. Do not abuse the scenes of jealousy, this relish is good in moderation.

Not devote all my love to her husband and children, she is so great that for itself there is enough room. Take care of yourself, your health and appearance, regularly visit a beautician and hairdresser, allow yourself to buy your favorite things. Any man would be happy that next to it is a well-groomed, beautiful woman.

Learn the art of compromise, we should not insist on the details, to make concessions to win the decisive battle. Make it a rule to discuss with her husband and family problems arising find a way out together. Talk about what you feel that you are pleased or offended. Women and men a little different psychology and sometimes they are not even aware that some of their word or action caused his wife traumatized. Find a common language with her husband, it is much more productive than to quarrel and then sulk at each other.

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