Sissy: what to do?

Sissy: what to do?
 Recognize mama's boy at first sight it is sometimes difficult. They may be successful man in his prime, or cute neighbor. Due to the nature of some of the features sissy easily conquer women softness and romance. But life with this man usually involves a lot of problems, because the main woman in his life is always his mother.  
 Psychologists believe that most of mama's boy growing up in single-parent family where my mother is extremely authoritarian single-handedly raises her only son. And if the family is present and dad, it usually does not take part in the upbringing of the child. Son, being "light in the window" of his of her that, from childhood learns that his mother above all else, and her place in his life did not take any woman.

From early childhood, for mama's boy, his mother decides everything: where to study, to work, to be friends with someone, etc. If the son is trying to escape from her custody and control the course is "heavy artillery" - a well-contested "heart attacks", "fainting", etc. Any girl who dared to appear in the sight of his son, authoritarian mother tends to criticize: the first - not beautiful enough, the second - a fool, the third - a bad hostess.

The most frustrating feature of mama's boy - indecision. It can be collected over the years the spirit to ask a girl out on a date or to make an offer. Because he does not know how to make decisions, then it will wait for decisive action from a woman.

Relations with infantile man can be quite pleasant - sissy usually tender and touching. But the idyll is destroyed bye at the first call her that it - it will leave you for the sake of my mother was not bored or because it urgently needed his help.

To create a family man tied to his mother, often choose a woman like her. But if you do not want to become a husband for you another child, from the outset treat it accordingly: do not call diminutive variant of the name, pass on the serious decisions.

Ideally, marrying a mama's boy, it's best to move to another city. But if this is not possible, buy an apartment away from her mother in law. Immediately set its own rules: Home for the husband to be you and your children.

But in the life of a mama's boy has its advantages. If you are a strong woman, that a husband will not challenge your right to lead. In addition, falling in love with you, he hardly dare to commit adultery.

Live with mama's boy or not - it's up to you. Rehabilitate it completely you will never succeed, and sooner or later you may miss on the hard man's shoulder. Consider how much you're willing to put up with his infantilism and attachment to the mother. It may be wise to look for a man who will make you happy?

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