How to survive a divorce with her beloved

How to survive a divorce with her beloved
 The ideal, serene and eternal love, which has been in marriage, sometimes disappears quickly and leaves a trail of bitter disappointment and resentment. The consequence is a divorce - the event has a negative impact on both spouses.
 Even if it seems that men are going through a divorce easier, in fact it is not - they just keep everything inside. But how do you go through an emotional event for women for whom marriage is important? The legal side of the issue is solved quickly and with the help of specialists, and what to do with the mental and emotional state?

Do not live in the past. Well, if you happen to speak respectfully and express their point of view regarding the situation with each other. But more often the wife set a very negative, and sort things out does not make sense - it's over verbal skirmishes and accusations. So you need to calmly analyze what happened and honestly to admit that the positive and negative connected with your relationship. Last need to let go and forget, and a positive experience to appreciate and use to prevent new errors.

Take care of yourself. After experiencing stress the body needs to recover. So try to get enough sleep, eat high-grade, exercise and avoid bad habits, such as alcohol - is likely to abuse them when flooding back old feelings.

Do not go headlong into freedom. You can, of course, actively reduce stress, having gone to rest and active entertainment, but it will not be useful. Body is used to a different life, and it can not be immediately reconfigure - through time, you will feel the emptiness and pain. This also applies to new relationships. You still are not ready to start, and if they do that, they will be temporary and will touch nothing guilty man.

Do not discuss the situation from time to time. There is nothing wrong to share their feelings with close friends, but if you keep going back to talk about the former spouse, you can not go through what happened and start a new life.

Do not try to return everything. When the pain becomes dull, it seems that everything can be forgiven and change. But do not be fooled - once you are no longer able to solve your common difficulties. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but not in a rush of feelings. If you wish to return everything does not go a few months, then you are ready for action.

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