How to renew its relationship with her husband

How to renew its relationship with her husband
 Famous sayings "broken vase not glue", "One does not enter the water twice" say that again after breaking up can not build a relationship with the same partner. However, it is not. If you feel that a point in your relationship with her husband has not yet been set, that you still love each other, you must try to keep the family together.
 If you feel that your marriage all is lost and there is no sense to attempt to restore it, try to remember a time when you were first married or met his future partner in life. Surely you were happy and believed that it will last forever. But do not think that life is life, and past dreams have no meaning. Whatever the situation is, remember that before you turned to find common ground. Try to understand, which is why now it is not, what prevents understand each other now.

Such an analysis will help you understand the direction in which to act. Surely you have weaknesses that contributed to tensions in the family and they have to fight in order to win the favor of her husband again.

Pobespokoytes that the house has become a cozy and peaceful place for a spouse, wherever he wanted to go back again and again. Consider it needs and avoid showdown - for men, they are not acceptable. Try to sincerely praise her husband for what he's worried about your material well-being, for what makes the house and stuff. Remember that men praise is a powerful incentive that encourages to do more if his efforts are appreciated and noticed.

Despite the strained relationship, try to communicate with her husband. You can just tell him, how was your day, and to be interested in his affairs. At first, he is likely to be talkative, but do not despair and think that it will last forever. Asked her husband for help or tell me what you need his advice - it will help him feel important and necessary.

Since men pay attention to appearance, a woman is very important to take care of yourself. Perhaps you have so much to do now, what to think about the beauty of no strength, but remember how you preened before a date with her future husband. Sure, he was pleased it. The more he will be impressed if you after all these years do not stop to look after themselves and take care of that he liked to spend time with you. Even if he does not say this, be sure that the change in you will not go unnoticed.

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