How to build a relationship prior to marriage

How to build a relationship prior to marriage
 You are a loving couple who are happy in their relationships. Are you starting to think about family life. But will you all so well and after the wedding? That is the question many are concerned.  

To keep the relationship in family life the same light as a candy buketny period should begin to build them well before the registration of marriage. If you now well together, then to extend this idyll and after the wedding, you have to carefully work on their feelings.

First, ask yourself the big question: How do you see your relationship in a marriage? Look to your family guy. Usually men are trying to build a family on the basis of the parent. If you do not like how his family father helping his mother in the household, it is necessary to start working on her boyfriend in this regard before the marriage. After marrying, he lay down on the couch with the newspaper, just like his father. And it's not because he does not want to help you, but only because of another embodiment of the family life he knows. He thinks all that live.

Therefore, slowly recompose favorite, change his views and attitude to life. Enter it in your family, meet the parents, try together to perform some general instructions, for example, offer to do some shopping for the holiday or to fulfill his long-cherished dream - to re-stick wallpaper in the room. Give unobtrusively understand that family responsibilities to be performed equally, then they will not be a burden to the family and will always be favorable and warm atmosphere.

Another option. If your young man worships the soul in you, is your hands and blows off dust particles. One would be better! But imagine their future family life in five years. You are satisfied? Or you tired of overprotection husband? You have no independence, and he, rather than giant strides to move up the career ladder, and kept nazvanivaet you with questions that still today buy, what to cook in what area and how much you drive.

So before you go to the family swimming, still need to agree on the bank that you want to have on a marriage. Do you see his alliance of equal partners, where you together to make a career and decide the issue of domestic level. Or one will be the leader earner in the family, and the second attempt to create the conditions for him to achieve higher goals and a pleasant and relaxing stay.

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