Cast iron wedding

Cast iron wedding
 Sixth wedding anniversary is called cast iron. After the previous anniversaries, named in honor of fragile materials - calico, paper, leather, porcelain and wood, this first named in honor of the metal. Although iron - the material brittle and not allowing him to forge, but the name suggests that relations between spouses, surviving up to a six-year anniversary together - this is a serious relationship, time-tested.  

Impossible to forge iron, but it can be melted down, giving it any shape. And in the name of the iron wedding - an allusion to the fact that this family, which confirmed its strength, and remelting can change if you need to solve some of its internal problems.

Iron metal noble black, but unable to couple to turn it into silver and gold. This will require the love and respect, friendship and trust, tenderness and willingness to negotiate and talk.

For six years of living together in the family, as a rule, have a child, or even one, so the couple responsible not only for himself and his love, but also for their children. After all, if fragile, though solid, cast iron family relationships break, crack, the most affected children. The child, who survived her parents' divorce, always suffers more each of them, so parents should be more deliberate in their actions, more careful with each other.

Cast iron anniversary reminds: "Take care of your love and warmth, strengthen the family, then to not be hurt in the iron fragments." After all, we know how many families celebrated the third, fifth, sixth anniversary, and how few of them were able to celebrate the silver and gold.

Also iron - the metal of the olden times was produced kitchen utensils - pans, iron pots, clamps. Cast Iron Cookware, which prepare family meals - a symbol of hearth and home. It is a heavy, black dishes, but it is a heavy cast iron pot cooked porridge and soup in the Russian stove. Then the pot was placed in the center of the table, and the whole family took turns eating from it.

Therefore, iron is also a symbol of home, family, which feeds and supports. Iron unites us all: her husband, and wife, and children.

It is relevant to this anniversary will be buying a new set of pots or present a cast iron skillet or a large cauldron for family pilaf. You can also buy any household items, such as a new refrigerator or food processor, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. It's not romantic gifts, but thorough and helpful. They will make your home more comfortable, and perhaps will help to ensure that your family will grow stronger with time and noted the golden jubilee.

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