A wise woman - a pledge of marital happiness

A wise woman - a pledge of marital happiness
 Family relationships are largely dependent on how well and wisely knows how to behave woman towards her husband. In fact, the wife manages the family ship, while the man seeking livelihood and provides stability. From feminine wiles, reasonable concessions, support and genuine concern for her husband depends peaceful, quiet and friendly atmosphere in the house.

Distribute household duties fairly. If you and your husband both work, it would be wise if you divide chores for two. This takes into account both the degree of congestion.

If the spouse refuses to help you with the housework, act cunning. Quarrels and swearing will not help here. Men are much more productive to respond to affectionate, gentle, but at the same time, persistent requests for help. Look for compromises in everyday life: for example, husband cleans the house, and you cook his favorite meal for dinner.

Do not criticize spouse too. Criticism can destroy even the strongest relationship, the more unreasonable and unjustified. Elect may deter you that you are constantly dissatisfied with it and what it does.

The same goes for the irony. When you make fun of spouse in front of relatives or friends, it offends the feelings of human dignity and prejudice. In marriage there is a place only a good twist of humor and relevance.

Praise her husband admire his achievements, support it in all your endeavors. Man, as a child, rejoices praise. He flattered when a lovely woman proud of him.

In any difficulties finding a spouse for words of comfort. Convinces him that he can achieve anything he wants. Husbands who have such strong support from the family home front, typically achieve much and provide your family a stable life.

Do not make men henpecked. Husband can not be forced to be under the control of your tireless clock. He needs to meet with friends, engage in male affairs. Do not make a scandal if it once a week watching a football match with friends. Everyone should be personal life. Instead of ringing every hour spouse, go about their business, go shopping or visit with a friend.

Take care for a loved one. Even if a man much older than you, it does not mean that he does not need your feminine care. Pay more attention to family sexual life. Good sex - the key to a strong union. In the women's power to diversify the intimate life and make it unforgettable for her husband.

Spend time together is not watching TV. Let common recreation is an interesting and active, while married life will bring joy, happiness and peace.

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