The husband does not give gifts?

The husband does not give gifts?
 Most women believe that you need to give gifts necessarily because they are pleasant expression of feelings. But, unfortunately, not all men share this opinion and the reasons for this may be several.

The reason №1: "A man does not give gifts, because it is very economical or even greedy."
Throw it and look for another - no way out.

Firstly, you should try to talk to a man on this topic, kindly explain its position. Start a conversation you need to start from afar. For example, to talk about some common acquaintance that the principle does not give gifts, and then express their opinion about it and hear what he would say your man. After all, he may not greedy, but because of some situations in life, says a bad omen gifts, etc.

Second, if the conversation came to nothing lead, can threaten the man away from him. If he really loves and appreciates you, make sure you try to change for the better.

Reason №2: "A man does not give gifts because he bungler."
There are people that always something happens. It is the gift simply forgot to buy, forgot his friends, on the bus, at the bus stop, etc.
Here, unfortunately, leave or accept. Typically, these people do not change!

Reason №3: "A man does not give gifts, because it neither sees them meaning."
Many men are rational and far from romance, and presents them seem a waste of time and money.
In this case, you can try to explain to him that positive emotions and attention play a very important role in a person's life and they can not be bought.

Reason №4: "A man does not give gifts, because I just did not know what to buy."
It's simple! Ask yourself what would like to receive as a gift. Take the initiative in their hands. This will not only facilitate the task of the man in the choice of a gift, but also they will be satisfied.

Reason №5: "Many women initially did not want gifts."
When a man asks, "Honey, what do you give?" In any case can not answer something like, "Thank you, I do not need you for me - the best gift." This is a big mistake! After receiving several times like an answer to your question, the man then stop asking, and therefore will not give anything. We need to talk about their desires!

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