Pin-up style of dress: playfulness and romance

Pin-up style of dress: playfulness and romance
 Dress in polka dots or large cage, short shorts, high heels, high hair and seductive curls, black arrows and plump red lips - these are the main signs of fashionistas, enthusiastic style of pin up. This is one of the most feminine retro style, which is impregnated with eroticism, but not vulgar.
 I'm sure many remember the seductive and flirtatious girls with American posters fifties. Painted beauty loved by many men of that time and they began to pin the posters wherever possible: posters adorned and truckers in the cockpits and cabins sailors and workers in lockers. The word "pin" is translated into English means «pin up» - this is how girls with these posters and later became called. In recent years, the style of pin up experiencing a rebirth. It is ideal for owners of appetizing forms.

Clothes in this style is sure to be feminine. Ideal pencil skirt, shirts with ties, slinky dress-case. Shorts and skirts must be high-waisted - it will make the figure more seductive. If we talk about skirts, you should choose a cut of the sun flared. Preferred lightweight fabrics that are fluttering in the wind could bare thigh. Length skirts have to be such that when the owner gets it, bared thigh and gently you can see the edge of the stocking, preferably with a garter. Stockings in this style are an important feature and one of the key attributes that do not have to be neglected. If you're not used to wearing stockings, tights also acceptable, but it should only be black mesh.

The clothes pin up appropriate corset, which must be tightened very tight. With it perfectly combines tight short shorts, more reminiscent of briefs, but overestimated waist makes a woman look in them matter. You can also emphasize the waist strap or belt bright.

In this style, great attention is paid to the neckline. Top with underlined bodice and shirt unbuttoned the top buttons will add to the image of playfulness. Romanticism in the image of the tissue bring fun colors, of which usually sewn clothes pin up: peas, a cell, a strip of cheerful colors. When choosing clothes should pay attention to the traditional prints of this style: flowers, fruits, hearts. Their presence on the clothes also add playfulness and childlike in the image.

With regards to shoes - here without options: court shoes with high heels, but not necessarily at the hairpin. The finishing touch will be bright accessories - colorful shawls, scarves, hats, socks with bows, bags with images of retro stars.

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