Vitamins for spring

Vitamins for spring
 Spring awakens the desire for change, new experiences and new meetings. But often do not have the strength, fatigue, which is very difficult to fight. Blame the lack of vitamins - vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamins are essential to each of us, but especially children, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. They increase efficiency, strengthen the immune system, thereby increasing the body's defense against harmful influences. However, their disadvantage is that they can not be synthesized in the body itself (or synthesized in a minimum amount), and there is only received food. The most deficient vitamins in the spring - it vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Lack of vitamin A can affect the condition of the skin and affect vision. It contains the greatest number of eggs, in butter, cod liver, as well as beef and pork liver.

B vitamins strengthen the nervous system, saturate the tissues with oxygen, relieve fatigue and improve metabolism in tissues and cells. The greatest number found in buckwheat and wheat groats, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese and beans.

Vitamin C is known to many, and almost everyone knows that he saves from frequent colds. A lot of it is in first place in all the fruits of citrus family, a little less than its content in rose hips, parsley, black currants and sweet pepper.

Vitamin E provides energy and drowns out the action of toxins. Most of it is found in vegetable oils, in green plants (especially lettuce), wheat germ, legumes and cereals.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that the spring must consume as many eggs, liver, butter cereal porridges. With regard to fruit and vegetables, but not always spring contained therein nutrients required amount. In this case, you can use synthetic vitamins.

In recent years, they are connected in multivitamin complexes, where all substances harmoniously linked. They are manufactured in various forms: troches, lozenges, dragees, capsules. According to experts, the capsule is most effective to use. Moving through the intestines, it gradually gives up its nutrients. In addition, multivitamins contain and trace elements that are essential for cell activity.

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