L-carnitine and its properties

L-carnitine and its properties
 L-carnitine, or as it is called L-carnitine - is very well known all over the world an amino acid that is a "relative" of all vitamins of group B. In contrast to all the vitamins, L-carnitine is able to be synthesized in the body.

L-carnitine was discovered by two scientists - Gulewitsch VS and Krimbergom RZ more than 100 years ago, more precisely in the distant 1905. However, only in 1962 was determined by the primary role of levocarnitine: ability to tolerate acid chain of fat into the mitochondria through the path of the inner membrane.

Carnitine is white crystal color, without a specific smell. According to the structure is hygroscopic powder. Levocarnitine - the substance is readily soluble in water and in hot alcohol. Almost insoluble in any of the following: acetone, ether and benzene. High melting temperature, almost 197 ° C. Carnitine exists in two forms in the D-form and L-form. In mammalian cells contained only L-carnitine because D-carnitine has only synthetic origin. Biological activity is present only L-carnitine and D-carnitine has only a negative effect on the organism.

In humans, levocarnitine present in striated muscle, and liver. In medicine is used to increase the metabolic processes, that is, to increase appetite. As well as L-carnitine is used to activate fat metabolism, stimulate regeneration.

Food sources of levocarnitine are products such as meat, milk, cheese, fish, poultry. Even the name of the element "El-carnitine" comes from the Latin word "saro", ie meat. However, the dose of levocarnitine for the day is contained in 400 grams of raw meat. Importantly, thermal treatment of meat with much of levocarnitine lost.

Doctors recommend eating foods where a lot of L-carnitine, in a state of exhaustion, since this element will help restore appetite not only the child, but even adults. Also created in our time, tablets containing a daily dose of levocarnitine. Imagine, just one pill a day, and a person can forget about exhaustion. But it is advisable to consult a doctor and get a full consultation. Good Luck!

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