How to prepare for the psychological test

How to prepare for the psychological test
 Psychological test - a procedure which is subject to almost everyone who tries to get a job. During testing, the need to demonstrate the adequacy and non-conflict teamwork. First of all, you need to stop worrying and worry about what kind of impression you make on the personnel manager in the company you are interested in, and begin to perceive the psychological test as a procedure that allows to find out how you fit this work.
 Psychologists recommend that feel more confident in job interviews and tests, change in your head model perception of the situation. You and the employer talking to in order to decide whether you need both cooperation. This is important for both of you. You will feel relaxed and confident, only realizing their own value. That is what will help you answer all the questions, do not get confused and do not show signs of nervousness.

Before you begin to prepare, you need to learn something about themselves psychological tests. They are very different and with all available unlikely. But they all have some common principles. For example, according to research by recruitment agencies, most Western companies is testing the candidate's ability to identify, but the Russian companies prefer this way to find out all about the personal qualities. Sometimes, in this case, instead of using psychological tests check for IQ. In these tests the general principle, so can a little "sophistication" in the result, if you spend on their passage a couple of evenings.

Psychological tests to identify personality traits or require special preparation, or its complete absence. Experienced psychologists say that too "positive" candidates immediately evident, and these results are not credible and locations, as forced to suspect the applicant of insincerity. Therefore, it is best to answer the test questions honestly as possible. If you want to cheat a psychologist and a look at the results of testing the perfect person, it means that you have something to hide. Experienced psychologist always recognize such behavior.

The test will necessarily be questions about whether you made mistakes, whether able to gossip behind their colleagues, whether there are, what you're really late for an important event. Do not try to look like the perfect person. Looks much more preferable candidate who, in spite of the fact that a human weakness, yet is able to adhere to the rules than the "robot" who never makes mistakes. Be prepared to talk about their blunders. Well, if you analyze them and have learned for myself. Such an attitude to their failure always makes a good impression.

Reception, often on psychological testing - the same questions asked in different formulations. The same answer, but do not be too suspicious. Especially you, no one does not want to catch, it's just a normal way of checking.

Do not try to show people who you really are not. It is not only the employer wants to find out whether you qualify it, but you need to understand if you can work in this company. The result can only be achieved with the cooperation of both sides, so be yourself, do not close.

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