Italian diet

Italian diet
 To get rid of extra pounds, it is not necessary to calculate the calories and constantly to limit myself, afraid to eat anything superfluous. Here, for example, the Italians, despite the abundance of pasta and other goodies in their diet, rarely obese. It turns out that Italian food is not only delicious, but also helps you stay in great shape.
 The essence of the Italian diet is that during the day the power starts from smaller and smooth transition to more: that is, it involves minimal breakfast, lunch and a modest extensive dinner. This principle of power is somewhat different from the widely accepted rules on the basis of which the most high-calorie food is served for breakfast and dinner should be light. In addition, the Italian Diet does not dictate a strict diet, and allowed to eat sweet.

As a rule, the Italians start their day with a small breakfast, while it must be present something sweet. For example, the morning meal menu might look like this: a cup of coffee with milk (not cream) and rich croissant (cornetto) or bar. For lunch you can eat fresh fruits and drink a glass of juice.

Lunch is represented by several dishes, the main one - pasta. Serve it with a low-calorie vegetable or tomato sauce. In addition, the dinner menu should necessarily include a small portion of meat or fish, salad, fruit and vegetables, as well as dessert.

And for dinner, you can bake fish or meat, make a salad and treat yourself to a casserole. However, despite such a rich menu, all portions should be small. Preference is given to drink - mineral water and a glass of red wine.

The complexity of the Italian diet consists only in the fact that the preparation of Mediterranean dishes of discharge diet can take a lot of time, because in this case the use of semi-finished products is not permitted. However, the process of cooking takes a real pleasure. And the body during this discharge period will receive a set of necessary elements, so the Italian diet will not cause harm to health.

Weight loss in Italian diet is 5 kg per month. But to achieve this result, you must follow these rules: there need to slowly, to be able to stop in time and no calorie counting (by the way, the very notion of 'diet' is alien to Italians).

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