Diet with lentils

Diet with lentils
 An increasing number of people wanting to lose weight quickly, without giving up the opportunity to use the delicious food, turning their attention to the lentil diet. This power supply system is different from many others in that it has a sufficiently diverse and exquisite menu (previously such a diet could afford only the rich people). In addition, lentils is the ideal food for the body because it contained therein zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A and B.

Lentil diet combines a huge range of not only useful, but also quite delicious. Adhering to the power of this technique, it is necessary to use only those products that experts have developed for it. For example, during breakfast, nutritionists recommend to use the following dishes (optional):
- Approximately 150 grams of low-fat yogurt.
- 50 grams of cereal, juice or yogurt seasoned.
- Green tea with apple or honey.

Include any other products in the morning diet is prohibited, otherwise the diet would be absolutely useless. Dinner also includes several options for meals that you can choose according to your taste:
- Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with sunflower oil.
- 100 grams of fish, steamed, in combination with green peas.
- Salad of lentils and fried onions.
- Salad with sunflower oil.

The above menu is almost does not contain directly lentils. This is not surprising - it is necessary to eat for lunch, which is a major consideration when lentil diet. In principle, there are many recipes for lentil (soups, salads or side dishes), which can be found on their own, so the choice is always there. Nutritionists suggest the following dishes that are worth eat lunch in the case of lentil diet.
- Lentil soup, vegetables (potatoes, leeks, carrots) and rabbit fillet.
- Pellets of canned lentils with egg, onions, low-fat cottage cheese and caraway seeds.
- Rice with canned lentils, tomato sauce, garlic and onion.
- Lentil Meatballs with mushrooms, onions, eggs, herbs and white wine.
- Mashed potatoes with lentils, boiled meat, boiled egg and beetroot.

In principle, the above menu is not mandatory, it can be a variety of other dishes cooked with lentils. However, it should be remembered that throughout the diet can not eat fried meat and fish, fatty dairy products, flour products. But fruits and vegetables (best if they are moist), on the contrary, must be consumed.

Stick to this diet need as much time as necessary to achieve the desired result. Then you can go back to your usual diet, but do not forget that eating fatty, sugar rich foods will not only return the lost weight, but also to increase them.

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