Diet "Onion soup"

Diet "Onion soup"
 If you like the bow and at the same time dreaming about how to lose weight, it would be logical to use a diet called "Onion soup." With this system you can manage the power to cleanse the body, lose weight and feel great.

If we approach the matter seriously and scrupulously adhere to the rules of this diet, you can lose in a week from 4 to 8 kg.

Cook onion soup easy. It is necessary to take 5-6 small onions, 4 fresh tomatoes (if not fresh, take canned), also need a small head of cabbage, two small green peppers, celery (single beam) and bouillon cube.

Cut the vegetables into small pieces, fill with water, salt, pepper and season with hot sauce. Simmer the soup on high heat, enough for 10-15 minutes, then reduce heat and simmer until tender.

Stick to the rules of the onion diet. As long as you follow it, do not drink alcohol, do not eat bread or drink sodas. Also, do not eat fried.

The main food during the diet is fat burning onion soup, eat it as soon as you feel hungry. This soup is low-calorie foods. Take it with you on a trip and fill in a thermos. In addition to the soup you can eat other foods. Below is a rough menu for the week.

Tuesday: onion soup, fruits and vegetables (except bananas). You can drink water, juice, cranberry, tea and coffee (sugar deleted). Add milk in coffee is not necessary.

Wednesday: onion soup and vegetables in any form. They can be eaten raw, canned, cooked. You can eat the green, but green peas, beans and corn use is not necessary. Allowed some potatoes, boiled or baked, with the addition of oil.

Wednesday: onion soup plus fruit and vegetables, potatoes canceled.

Tuesday: onion soup, it is desirable to add fruits and vegetables. Permission is granted to include in the diet a couple of bananas and a glass of milk low calorie. Parallel to drink plenty of water.

Friday: onion soup, tomato and beef.

Saturday: onion soup, greens and beef. Lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, green peppers.

Sunday: Soup can be rice, juice from fruits and vegetables.

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