Bean diet for a week

Bean diet for a week
 Bean diet - an effective method of weight loss: the result is visible already after seven days. Adhering to the discharge of the diet and bean menu combining physical activity per week, you can lose 3 to 5 pounds overweight.
 Legumes are rich in mineral salts, starch, vegetable fats and proteins and vitamins, so nutritionists recommend them regularly eaten. However, legumes are used in medicine: for example, in the green peas are present protivoskleroticheskim substances purifies the blood. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the useful properties of these food products.

The diet of bean diet contains beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc. Each of these products is unique. Thus, lentils contained in the minimum quantity of fat and carbohydrates, as well as many digestible protein. And in order to provide the body with a daily requirement of iron and B vitamins, enough to eat 80 grams of lentils.

As for the beans, then this product is due to the high content of fiber, pectin and protein enhances immunity and quickly satisfies hunger. A green peas - a storehouse carotene, manganese, phosphorus, starch, potassium and other substances.

Feature bean diet is that during this week the discharge period is necessary to drink plenty of fluids (non-carbonated water, herbal infusions, tea and coffee without sugar). At night, it is recommended to drink yogurt or other dairy products with a fat content of not more than 2, 5%: this will improve digestion and soothe the stomach.

However, during these seven days of discharge in any case can not drink alcohol, fried and fatty foods, sweets and of course the flour.

Although bean diet does not only get rid of extra pounds, but also to saturate the body of useful elements can not abuse it: stick more than two weeks of this method of weight loss is prohibited. In addition, bean diet is contraindicated in persons suffering from chronic heart failure, acute nephritis, gout, as well as in the period of acute inflammatory processes occurring in the intestines or stomach.

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