What do you expect from a joint holiday?

What do you expect from a joint holiday?
 For many women, joint holiday marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship leading to marriage. But not all men think so. Some travel with each of his passion, not leading or anyone under the crown.

Depending on how the future life together is a girl, she is planning to leave alone. If she really wants to get married, long relationship, children - she chooses a quiet hotel on the beach. Most likely, there will prevail couples and parents with toddlers. This idyllic picture will be constantly before the eyes of her boyfriend. And if he did not mind to legitimize the relationship, he'd take this trip as a call to action. And maybe even make an offer to one of the romantic evenings on the beach. He would be happy to spend all day on the beach next to his beloved. Or attend excursions and scuba diving together.

 When serious intentions and second halves not, he probably just will not go to a quiet family hotel. Organizing a vacation he will seek a hotel near places hangouts - clubs, discos, restaurants. He would invite along for the ride of friends and acquaintances, to be less alone in the second half. The girl can only adapt to this way of life or refuse leave.

 If both are not set for the long bond, spend time together, visiting bars and opener, will be a lot of fun. Just do not take to heart if your young man suddenly starts to flirt with girls on the dance floor. He does not take you seriously considering a temporary companion. Have fun, make new friends, try to really relax. Not scandals! Perhaps boyfriend understand that you - that the woman with whom he wants to connect his life. And if you do not understand - do not worry. Why do you need such a slowpoke? Spend a Vacation, Zagora, please be experience, and return home offer just be friends. As a companion for hiking in the haunts of vice such men simply are not interchangeable.

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