Principles vs Favorite

Principles vs Favorite
 In the world there are no two people are exactly alike, each has its own distinctive features and characteristics. But such a wonderful feeling, like love, rarely take this into account in their plans. Sometimes you may encounter a situation where your principles contradict the beliefs of your mate.
 The basic principles of how to be arranged relationships formed in our childhood, when we observe the relationship of father and mother. This image is deposited in our subconscious and then often projected on the way we build our personal lives already. It should be understood that these beliefs are acceptable only if you really agree with them and your experience does not convince you that they are wrong.

The principles described above, are most important. All other acquired by the pressure of society and the environment, are nothing more than incoming and outgoing opinion. It is necessary to separate her from the imposed, clearly identify that it is your opinion, and that - a stranger.

The relationship can not be built according to the laws of only one of the partners - in this case, the other feels slighted at least. In the worst case, it turns into a concealed resentment and leads to separation. Relationship - this is a compromise, built on trust and understanding. And it is to this should be sought.

Remove your thoughts on open dialogue. To do so, the most auspicious moment when you and your partner will be reasonably free from cases and mentally, and physically. During the dialogue, be fully open to understanding, and most importantly, the adoption of the opinions of your mate. Avoid emotional releases, irritation and stinging remarks about your partner. Perhaps your principles are not correct or are not truly yours. And maybe follow them at all easy for your loved one, he just does not know about them? Work through all the options and come to a solution that satisfies both of you.

However, quite often the case that a common language can not be found. In this case, one way out - to identify your principles are not above relations, but their obligatory condition. Speak firmly and confidently, superfluous emotions only prevent the partner understand the seriousness of your words. But if this path fails, try to time my principles. Once you feel that it does not suit you, you know that other choice but parting, no longer exists.

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