As part with man

As part with man
 Sometimes a woman's life there comes a point when she realizes that the relationship with my boyfriend have exhausted themselves, and it is time to say to each other: "Farewell! ". But, unfortunately, not all of us know how to do it properly, without grave consequences for each of the parties. How did need to leave?  
 Firstly, there can be no "let's be friends", it is necessary once and for all to dot the i. Even if you yourself ready to "make friends" with a former boyfriend, he was thrown, to do the same will not be easy. And that, as they say, is always fraught with unpredictable consequences. Therefore it is better firmly and directly inform the man about his decision, than to leave him hope, which can poison your life and herself. Burn all the bridges at once: stop calling, writing, try to avoid meeting with him, etc. Perhaps, then, after a year or two, and your relationship will be just friendly, and before that try to disappear from his life.

 And yet - do not give up "on the phone" or other means of communication, on such a serious topic should talk face to face, even if it is unpleasant to you.

Second, do not give in to provocation and do not take at face value the threat of the "thrown out the window" or "slit my wrists." Typically, these "wants" a man held for a week or two, when they calmed down a little, beginning to understand that life does not end there. Of course, there are "copies" that it is able to realize his "idea", but even in this case, the yield is not worth it, because the former one, once having achieved such blackmail will use it in the future.

 Third, the break in relations with a man, do not try to return him to his own gifts - it's just not a person of this woman. Also, think about the feelings and ex - boyfriend: peredarit them he is unlikely to be able to (unless, of course, is no different pettiness and avarice), and a constant reminder of unrealized happiness will reopen its heart wound and reminded of his own uselessness.

 Finally, think about changing their image, for example, to make another hairstyle or covered with hair in a different color. If avoid encounters with the former still fail (common friends, college, workplace, etc.), it is better to thy light, but lost to him the image was no longer "thus, without which life is not sweet" .

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