Why we fight

Why we fight
 Almost every day in our life experience some situations that can be called a conflict. They either lead to quarrel or more resolved in a peaceful way, but in any case the collision of different interests such situations are inevitable.

This theme is a burning, already written in one of hundreds of books and thousands of magazine and newspaper articles, but still many of us the question arises: why we fight?

To start to define the terms. As reported dictionaries: quarrel - mutual altercation; serious misunderstanding, hatred, sometimes leading to a complete cessation of relations.

To the second option to be realized, the need, first, to try to quarrel correctly. Second, if the conflict is really serious, you need to establish the true cause of it and "work" with it, otherwise there may be periodic quarrels, only add to the atmosphere, which can subsequently lead to really break relations.

What is a quarrel right? More precisely, how to build a communication to arise as little reason to quarrel.

Frankly, many small verbal altercation, sometimes passing into global spats begin to persons of a female. If, for example, the husband came home from work and actually "squeezed like a lemon," your desire to discuss the details of the repairs in the apartment or tight discuss vacation plans, almost stroprotsentno lead to a quarrel. Such discussions need to meditate when you are both in a good mood, will not hurry, calm and full of energy. And so the first conclusion - choose the appropriate time and place for an important call.

During the conversation, try not to deviate from the topic, and listen carefully to the arguments of the other side. Otherwise emerge all previously unspoken dissatisfaction with each other, as a result - a quarrel and scandal.

Do not need to remember all past flaws in the behavior of the partner (did not want to go to visit your mother, returned late from fishing ....). During a call, do not focus on character traits, saying you always so careful, you do not know how to quickly make a choice ... And even more so, try to do without insults, without degrading definitions. As time passes, quarrel forgotten, and caused resentment remain in memory. Therefore, during the conversation did not go to the individual.

During the dispute talking about their feelings, which caused this or that act partner, be ready to compromise, try to look at the situation and by his opponent.

Following at least these few tips, you'll be more satisfied with the result of your conversations and will be less likely to ask themselves: why we fight.

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