Ten things that a man should notice a woman

Ten things that a man should notice a woman
 Unlike men, who normally look to the morning is enough to wash, shave and put on clean clothes, women spend much more effort and money to achieve the same purpose. Naturally, the girls are doing it primarily for themselves to confident and feel good about themselves, but they always remember that they are looked the stronger sex. But sometimes, the efforts of women are not seen by men - they admire his companion, seeing the whole image, not noticing lovely details and little things that make it up.

1. Shoes.
Gait woman, her posture and even figure significantly changed for the better, it is worth it to wear high-heeled shoes. Heel is able to visually lengthen the leg, making it slimmer. It emphasizes the line lifting and improves posture. In addition, it is worth remembering that the shoes stiletto fetish is a collective, therefore causing erotic associations and gives the woman tempting. But at the same time wearing shoes with heels very often accompanied by great inconvenience, and even pain. Naturally, the girls go to these flour for men who absolutely do not appreciate.

2. A sense of humor.
Many people put a sense of humor is high enough in the rankings qualities that they want to see in your partner. Therefore, the fair sex is important that the men did not hesitate to express his appreciation for the good jokes of his lady.

3. Change the flavor.
Another important detail in the image of a woman who sometimes goes unnoticed opposite sex, are spirits. The aroma has an important role in the formation of desire, and it is possible that it was the smell of a woman attracted to her man. Girls attentive to the choice of its perfume and looking for the perfect scent for a long time. Therefore, when a girl changes the toilet water, she wants her favorite is noticed.

4. Clean the apartment.
This is one of those cases when a woman very much awaiting approval. If she spent the whole day doing housework and cleaning, it certainly should be commended for the effort, saying how much was around cleaner and more comfortable.

5. fitness classes.
No matter what the purpose of the girl, visiting the gym - lose weight, improve muscle tone, or just to take care of their health. A man should be supported and encouraged her good intentions. And when they become visible results of its training, he must mark it as a good compliment.

6. Waxing.
Waxing - it's pretty painful procedure. In order to achieve the ideal image of beauty and women go to such victims. This discomfort and pain they suffer for the sake of men, and only for them.

7. The new outfit.
The girls spend a lot of effort in order to please the beloved. They do hairstyle, pedicure, manicure, make-up, pick up clothes, accessories and shoes, which takes a lot of time. So when a loved one sees the result of her many hours of effort, perfect and beautiful appearance, she was waiting in his side beautiful compliments.

8. Romantic atmosphere.
Men should be careful to notice when their favorite creates a special atmosphere of romance. For example, she cooked dinner with an exquisite menu or decorate the bedroom with candles and flowers.

9. A new hairstyle.
Girls go to incredible tricks when it comes to their tresses - shear them, color, stack, meliruyut, straighten and screw. All in order to please her man. Girls continued to monitor their appearance, the stronger sex is necessary to observe and comment on any significant changes with her hair.

10. New underwear.
It would seem that it is quite obvious that the man should be noted the new sexy lingerie, which put the woman for him. But usually few people pay attention to it, hurrying to get rid of his beloved, and yet she tried to choose. Here necessarily crumble compliments enough admiring glances.

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