Super-woman. Do it man?

Super-woman. Do it man?
 Today, a woman plays in society is much more important than all else in the recent past. Today many of the fair sex tend to be super-woman - to get higher education, a career, to succeed in business, often not wishing to be bound quiet family happiness. But think about this man, what they consider the ideal woman?

Most of the men called the basic qualities of an ideal female beauty, sexy, thrift, loyalty, ability to care about the other person. But many men annoying over-determination and independence, which are becoming increasingly characteristic of modern businesswoman. Thus, the business skills needed for a successful career, often do not make a woman more attractive to the opposite sex.

Beautiful women are always attracted to men, it is difficult to argue. Impressive stylish woman attracts the eye, and well-groomed and sophisticated appearance can achieve considerable success. But as practice shows, not all men are fixated on the beauty and often we can see how attractive an interesting gentleman marries inconspicuous "gray mouse". Does the beauty of success on the personal front?

Beautiful, bright, charming woman, no doubt, flattered vanity of men, helping him to assert himself in the eyes of others. Many believe that the beauty of a woman perfectly complements the male mind, forming a beautiful harmonious pair. Self-sufficient handsome man sometimes can not imagine beside him ugly women. Competition from others only inflames the passions and makes the relationship even stronger.

However, many men are in no way want to compete with their wives. Such a person chooses a couple of women who are ready to perform the role of a housewife and mother of his children. External beauty of its almost not interested, as opposed to economic and fidelity. Bright woman they are attracted more as a mistress, but not his wife.

It can be concluded that a single concept of "ideal woman" does not exist. People's tastes are different. Simply be yourself.

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