Sale man in excellent condition!

Sale man in excellent condition!
 If you are tired of your machine, it can be sold. The apartment can also be sold. Even grandma's canary, if you try, you can attach to the new owners. And what about the man who is tired of so much teeth that brings? You can apply for the sale of the newspaper.

"Virtually unused. High. Beautiful. Indifferent to football. And in hockey, rugby, boxing, and even not believe in rhythmic gymnastics. Trained washing dishes, taking out the trash and folding dirty socks in the laundry basket. Has an excellent memory: remember all the important dates - birthdays favorite, her mother, her dog, and day of the first kiss in the rain. Hands quite straight - a hammer and nails, drill, screwdriver and a saw are able to keep. Starting price - ... Trading is appropriate. Call after 18:00. "

It would seem that a man who has a lot of merits, the presence of such a boyfriend can only envy. Why do girls often want to sell even though just give in good hands this storehouse of merit? And all because that not everyone appreciates these qualities in a man. Rather, the values, but does not consider them paramount need for living together. Can nail the shelf? Great, but would be better if he was the same skill performed songs with a guitar. Not looking football game in charge? And what do you just not averse to shout "Goaaaaal! "Or even" Maziiiila! ". This is what is called - do not get along, that is, when clear, it would seem, dignity looks very unattractive in the eyes of the "owner" of this man.

There is another option: a man really has all of these qualities, but ... There is always this is the "but." Can he fix a power outlet? May, of course. After two months of reminders or after the cat hit a passing current. Handsome as Apollo? It'S Great. Except that if he had not looked in the mirror constantly and do not smear on your night face cream - it would be even better. Match "Argentina-Jamaica" does not cause him excitement? If this did not cause the same excitation series "Love Marisabel suffering", it would be great. Adds socks in the basket? This is certainly good, but in fact in the same basket add up everything, without exception, are things that, in his opinion, are not in place. In one word - boring.

But there is light at the girl who will sincerely appreciate all the advantages of your (still) men. It is only necessary to find her.

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