Parting without suffering

Parting without suffering
 This actually happened. Your novel has burst like a soap bubble. Feelings of rage. Tips girlfriends and psychologists do not help. And while you're torn tragic love story and sad feelings, you can find out everything that happened. After all, it is possible that the separation from a loved one was a new start in your life. Start where you change your outlook on life and outlook.


Basically, in a love relationship includes those people who have low self-esteem, or they did not have a child of parental love and attention. Mom and Dad were mainly engaged in bringing up a child or a hard, or, conversely, to constantly monitor every step. The main feature of love addicts - a lack of self-love. In most cases, it is shown in the communication between friends. When the dependent person all day tells the suffering he endured, as it threw a loved one, and not the essence of what a girlfriend or boyfriend heard this story for the tenth time.

Love addiction problem now engaged not only psychologists, and neuroscientists who try to explain the dependence from a scientific point of view. American researcher Dorothy Tennov, author of the book "Love and Love" believes what you think of love, in fact, can be an ordinary love, which for the most part similar to a painful condition. And this "disease" characterized by some of the symptoms: an unhealthy need for mutual feelings, obsessive constant thoughts of the beloved, indifference to everything that explicitly does not apply to the object of his love, and the last - is to increase sexual desire. Tennov believes that the cure of a disease is fairly easy, but quite real. And the first thing you need to do so is to stop all contact with former lover, namely, discard any remaining items after it, delete it from the notepad. Such decision shall be given unto you a hard time, but for the most effective method.

Chemical senses

If we consider love as a chemical process, it is theoretically explained that all feelings are caused by certain hormones. As a result, if you know exactly what contributes to their activation, it may well be able to get rid of love and dependence.

For example, phenylethylamine - a substance that causes mad love. And if you do not have next to a loved one, then eating only 100 grams of chocolate, which contains 650 ml of phenylethylamine, you instantly feel that behind you back wings and you're ready to perform various feats of love, but not for the old, and already new.

Furthermore phenylethylamine, and there is oxytocin. This hormone acts on the male and female sex organs. Oxytocin is also responsible for sensitivity to different touch, while makes you want to hold the hand of a loved one. Just communicating with like-minded people, you can increase the level of this hormone in the blood

While still involved hormone dopamine - a hormone that causes feelings of pleasure. American scientist Helen Fisher conducted a study to determine which parts of the brain, "the head of" love. It was found that if a man in love to spend tamografiyu brain, it can be seen in his two most active zones "caudate nucleus", which controls emotions and the ventral tegmental area, which is responsible for production of dopamine. The more brain produces the hormone, the happier person feels. Increase the level of dopamine, you can, eating strawberries, strawberry or blueberry.

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