Love prevents true love?

Love prevents true love?
 Each person can be confused or not distinguish between the concepts that are very closely abut each other. Anger or hatred, deliberate betrayal, or reckless act, pity or kindness, real love or a short-term love. All this is so closely intertwined that it is impossible in a particular emotional state to understand and give an accurate assessment of your feelings and actions.

Love and love - not the same thing. Although in the beginning of a relationship, it is practically impossible to determine exactly what you feel, because the symptoms of these feelings are almost identical, but the consequences have love and love are essentially different. Love can be tested often. But love - in the best case, a few times in my life. Of course, much depends on the temperament. Some people fall in love sometimes very difficult. Moreover, love can be a prerequisite for love, and love does not have to be a consequence of the very love.

 First you need to understand these concepts. Yet for myself it would be wise, at least a little bit, to distinguish between love and love. But to do this when you are in a state of euphoria, and that in both cases, it is not easy. Well, for example, you meet someone who you immediately for some reason liked. After your first meeting, you begin to represent his thoughts numerous times, scroll your date, conversation, his appearance, and so on.d. Thus, you draw a man in his thoughts as he may in fact not be. Therefore love, as many say, feeling selfish, because you do not see the object of his adoration, as an individual, but only create within itself the ideal of the person you would like to be next to each other. You can fall in love in some detail - in the eye, smile, unusual behavior, lifestyle, - that is something that over time, with the possible development of relations, you will not even pay attention. But the feeling of love always brings unforgettable feelings and emotions. 

 Love, in turn, - a sense of a deeper, informed and, one might say, through suffering. When you love, you feel it from the inside. I enjoy not for looks, not for what you can do for this man, not because he can behave in the company of your friends and acquaintances, you experience the love of a man just for nothing. In this case, clearly aware of all his faults, bad behavior or attitude towards you (God forbid, of course), but it is not for you any problems or reasons for experiences. And that's because you truly love. Interestingly, in this state, you are substantially independent of aberration, emotional outbursts, insults and other phenomena that can interfere with the development of your relationship. You, above all, think of your loved one and want it certainly was happy. And, importantly, it can be not necessarily happy with you, and do not necessarily when you want it. Love - the feeling of absolute and limitless dedication. It is based on the full realization of human dignity, rather than the vagaries of the senses and whims of the heart. Some say that it's not, but that's just because not everyone can experience this love. 

 It is not that selfish love can prevent unconditional love. Although this happens quite often. Love may eventually develop into something more, and you'll know. Although, with the same probability of love may remain just a pleasant memory or striking episode of your life, which is very quick and easy to be forgotten. A true love forget unlikely to succeed, because feelings to your loved one will stay with you forever.

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