Ideal relationship - a myth?

Ideal relationship - a myth?
 What is called an ideal relationship? The ideal relationship should complete harmony between man and woman, understanding, harmony, "the ability to look in one direction," respect each other and each other's interests. But whether this is a list of the only true and perfect relationship - really?

To some extent, "perfect relationship" are unrealistic. Too blissful, and it seems implausible such a picture - two adults never quarrel, understand each other perfectly, in all help each other. Besides "ideal" everyone understands differently. Undoubtedly, the issue of relations between men and women, there are many myths.

The first of them - in the ideal relationship is no place for quarrels. But conflicts, on the other hand, are a good shake for any relationship. Do not be afraid of quarrels, show emotions partner, only quarrel correctly. In the right quarrel both parties understand the issues in dispute, and, accordingly, articulate what exactly they are unhappy. Empty emotional tantrums will not work here.

The second myth is associated with the view that in a good marriage the spouses have to share a common profession. That's not it. There are couples in which the man works as an economist, and a woman photographer or sells homemade toys. And they manage to find a common language. Love is not for the line in the workbook, because in matters of love Profession worth far in the first place.

Also misconception that if you are like-minded people, then your relationship will not develop. Too similar people quickly get tired of each other. But you can always try something new for both of you.

If you think that the ideal relationship - it is flowers, chocolates and a romantic dinner every day, you are also wrong. Period of love quickly. Being replaced by a more mature relationship. And become an important sense of security, peace of kinship. Romance - is just the first step on the way to a serious relationship.

What part of a "perfect relationship" to have sex? There is a myth that the ideal relationship sex can not be. As if the "perfect love" does not need so rough solid confirmation. This is not entirely true. Sex is an expression of trust between two people creates intimacy, and, therefore, is an essential part of any relationship.

Whatever you can not imagine the ideal relationship, never build them on the basis of imitation anyone or from a desire to be "like everyone else." There is no general recipe perfect relationship, as well as there are no two identical pairs. Undoubtedly only one - at the heart of an ideal relationship (as if you do not understand them) is a huge collaborative effort and the ability to give each other.

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