Henpecked or despot whom shall I choose?

Henpecked or despot whom shall I choose?
 The relationship between the partners formed the basis of their character, habits, hobbies, skills, give each other and to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. And in the process of building relationships often shows two types of men - a despot or henpecked.
 Autocratic type of man has a dominant position in the family, members of which he must obey in everything. It takes not only important and major decisions, but also delves into all the little things around the house. Without its approval no changes or actions. For autocratic type of men characterized by the phrase "I said! "," How I want, so be it, "and so on.

A partner is to choose the girls who do not like to accept responsibility or to make decisions that will have to answer for. However, to this union was successful, a man must not only demand total submission, but also a lot to do for the family itself. He must take responsibility for his decisions and actions, earn enough money, not just shouting that he is the head of the family.

Henpecked, on the contrary, do not like to take the initiative in family matters, leaving the last word of the woman. In such families, all problems including financial, deals wife. It was she who decides on the need for new purchases, relocations, repairs, rest of all family members and other moments.

Such a connection is suitable for women who do not like when everyone always decide for them, especially in economic matters. For those who like to be at the head of the family and make all the decisions themselves. If you do not fit henpecked, try to give him more opportunities to make decisions, consults with him and follow his advice. Perhaps then he will gain more confidence and become a more responsible person.

Those who do not like neither one nor the other type, you need to choose a man who would solve the main issues and problems relating to family life, but at the same time listen to the views of his wife as a full partner. And, of course, leaving the woman the right to decide issues on the farm, her work and hobbies.

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