Sex, for which shame or morning complexes

Sex, for which shame or morning complexes
 Fine, if the morning after the night spent together in catches lovers happy and languid bliss. But how to look into the eyes of each other if a new day has just annoying memories that so I would like to erase from memory.

Although the intimate life of a couple and their is a mystery, and only their mutual relations, though, we can define some basic nuances filling partners shame for a night of love, which, instead of joyful satisfaction brought only disappointment and frustration.

First of all, terribly ashamed to be a man for his failure in bed. Sudden failure of sexual function - are not uncommon, and are exposed to them may be people of all ages. But, nevertheless, not for men are more humiliating and painful events than the inability to act of love. And the harder men suffer similar phenomena, the less delicate and sensitive are their partners, for insensitive and indifferent to women does not cost anything to reward his partner for life inferiority complex just a few simple, but hurt his pride hurtful words. And then, of course, morning awakening will cause only bitterness and disgusting taste of shame.

Embarrassment for a night of love can chase and those who did not behave quite adequately, showing either unrestrained selfishness, or overly demanding or usual contempt for the feelings and desires of the partner. And if at the moment to achieve the desired goal of satisfaction were all good, there will come a day is only awareness of his own wrong and shame for the loss of self control, for indelicacy and inattention to the partner.

Either way, the consequences of being uncomfortable after a failed or inharmonious sex with varying degrees of ease corrected efforts couples who want to have a promising and candid relationship in the future. Of course, such delicate issues like a wounded ego or remorse can poison a happy life, but on the condition of mutual respect and understanding of the couple may not have such wonders as the healing of the soul, finding joy and inspiration.

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