The ideal woman eyes of men

The ideal woman eyes of men
 Ideal woman for men - a multi-faceted and collective image, which includes all those character traits, habits and behaviors that they would like to see a friend in life. The ideal woman - a lover, mother, career woman, wife and mistress.
 Mistaken belief that men do not like smart women. The presence of high intelligence, many of them consider a mandatory feature of the perfect woman, but his ability to hide that men value above. Smart woman never finds its superiority over the man, she will respect it and try not to offend. Men will be happy to connect their lives with a female companion, which has a similar outlook on life can be a helper and always give good advice.

Men want to see next to a woman attractive and well-groomed. This takes into account the natural data contenders and shape traits acquired by artificial means. A woman who knows how to present yourself to beat its drawbacks, turning them into advantages, causes male admiration.

Beauty men especially after the release personal qualities of women - kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, charm and so forth. Loyalty and devotion to women is highly valued by men, but is not included in the list of mandatory attributes.

A woman should be loving - this category includes respect for her husband, caring for his well-being, gentle attitude, etc. The logical conclusion from the previous requirement is an economic ideal woman - excellent culinary skills, talent, maintaining the family hearth, the ability to create comfort and do not conflict with the mother of the spouse. The ideal woman is a caring mother, at the same time it should not deprive the wife of his attention.

The ideal woman should be skillful lover - love experiments and innovate, take initiative, be understanding and seeking to please a partner. A man wants to see her in sexy underwear, erotic home robe, without a trace nutrient mask on his face and with a fresh haircut.

Ideal woman ought not to be used in his speech swear words, gossiping, complaining and do a lot of talking. Achieve career heights it should quickly and confidently, but not to the detriment of the family. Financial independence is also highly prized by men, as well as lack of habit to spend a lot of money on shopping and entertainment.

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