Smart women are afraid of men

Smart women are afraid of men
 Not only men are afraid of smart women, because anyone who does not feel comfortable, if there is a person, which is much superior to his mental faculties. Then comes a sense of discomfort, there is a desire to avoid contact and hanging out with a man. Particularly unpleasant if the person intentionally shows everyone around that he is smarter and much better than others.

Man looking for a woman delicate, fragile creature who needs his care. Against the background of the woman he wants to look brave, strong and dominant. So it was in ancient times and remains to this day. With the development of civilization, the role of women began to change. On females has shifted back-breaking care, they learn to be stronger. And over time, the woman could not afford to take a dominant position over the man. Now the girls want to be successful, strong and intelligent. But even among those of the fair sex a lot of lonely, unable to start a family.

The problem of strong women that they always try to show their superiority over men. Highlight the extent of their education and experience. The man, in turn, being next to a smart and strong personality, begins to feel the uselessness and inferiority.

The role of the owner and defender goes into oblivion, a man can not fulfill your needs, and do not feel confident. Coexist with man demonstrating daily his mental development, and awareness on any subject just scared, this is akin to self-flagellation. And talk to such a special extra unnecessarily, so she knows everything, she decides any difficulty and it is absolutely not care about the opinion of a loved one. Smart woman - is the one that knows how to behave with a man, even if she knows the answer to any question and its opinion for it does not play a role, but this man will never know. It will allow him to take care of themselves, will do the naive expression when it's about something becomes lively talk. These women love men, they understand that it is likely she smarter than him, but believe that the woman did not even realize.

Why did injure delicate male psyche and self-esteem, if there are plans for a life together? Only if a man is absolutely not like smart lady, and she does not want to keep in touch with him, it will show him that he simply unworthy. Therefore, intelligent women afraid of those men who just do not fit on some criteria.

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