Refuse a man - to give pleasure?

Refuse a man - to give pleasure?
 At all times, a virtuoso and subtle rejection was considered an art form in women. And, true to have sex sometimes do not want to. Just like to say about this beloved man? When the man's ears pierced a sharp "no", it is a normal reaction is always negative, and negative. But if a woman expresses his refusal to him gently and wisely, he is even like it.

Intimate life - a spiritual and too delicate sphere of love relationships, where there is no place for rough persistence and stupid impatience. Female psyche is out of a desire to show joy and selflessness in bed at the same time to give yourself pleasure beloved man, but only in the case where the process is a pleasure to both.

If your man is convinced that this selflessness can use and manipulate them, and you, in turn, dutifully give him the initiative, with the passage of time such sexual life will undoubtedly be highly annoying and weigh you.

Often refuse a man in the intimacy woman prevents her emotional dependency. Naturally, the person whom you love, and because you have a strong sense of security, stability and reliability, the last thing I want to grieve the denial of sex. In this case, instead of a direct "no" to a woman begins to use by certain coded signals. For example, reading a book with a cry: "I was just at the most interesting moment, wait a bit! "Or" Here now finish reading this page! ". And sometimes even picks a large laundry and cleaning at the wrong from the point of view of logic time (late at night, for example), or come up with a variety of occasions: "Yesterday my mother promised to call," etc. And suddenly it will fall behind and her husband?

Dear women, abuse such thing, no way. The man - a clever creation, and he quickly realizes what was going on, and as a result he may have suspicions. Naturally, the unwanted sex annoying, tiring, causes negative emotions. However, in this case, you must be sincere and frank with each other and, of course, with her husband and not to bring the case before the scandal and the absurd.

Many men are so concerned about the consciousness of self-worth and excellence, including all spheres of life, which is very painful and acute tolerate even the most harmless hint of imperfection. And when it comes to sex, the situation ten times worse, many in this area if you do not consider themselves gods, then, at least, the emperor position. Therefore, if you say it bluntly: "I'm tired and I do not want you", it will cause him the most, that neither is a negative reaction, accompanied by a surge of negative emotions.

Sexologists claim that the negative emotions associated with sex, immediately fixed in the subconscious and very long "stuck" in your head, making it difficult in the future to fully enjoy sex. For this reason, your refusal man should carry a positive energy and. In such situations, women make better use of the promise of a romantic nature, use healthy humor, hints of sexual and affectionate plan formulation. For example: "I love it when you touch me and caress, but at the moment I am very tired and my body just refuses to obey me." Such a response will be received favorably and man naturally continue the conversation will flow in a calm and correct your way.

Psychologists say that any man is able to accept rejection easier if before that praise him. Sweeten slightly bitter pill and it has learned the man much easier. In this case, even if the man clearly understands your wickedness, he will perceive a positive message adequately.

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