Male and female infidelity: how do they differ?

Male and female infidelity: how do they differ?
 Betrayal is one of the biggest shocks for a relationship. Most men and women are called loyalty to one of the main qualities that they would like to see their partner. At the same time world statistics disappointing claims that 66 to 89% of people at least once, but changes (both men and women). In this society there is an ambivalent attitude toward male and female infidelity.

Most psychologists (mostly psychologists male) argue that male infidelity is really not adultery at all, and so laid the very nature materyu- function that serves to extend the kind and is a manifestation of the inherent men monogamy. So from the point of view of men betrayal - it's not a betrayal, for their often it's just sex, nothing significant. In this sex no emotional attachment to his mistress, and the young man may not even know her name, but after parting simply forget about the incident, which has no effect on attitudes toward family and wife.

But female infidelity, on conviction of the majority of men - is a terrible crime and betrayal, devastating for the family and love, as a woman, in their opinion, is always emotionally tied to the partner and can not stay still a good wife to her husband, having a lover. They also argue that a woman can not be a one-night, spontaneous adventures and disposable contacts. Motivated by this statement that a normal woman is by nature supposedly monogamous, and treason for her is always a great shock and choice.

And, in general, they say psychologists and just men, that this state of affairs is natural, as a man, it takes a woman - given that so arranged originally.

Some truth in these statements are, but it is connected only with the education that is received over the centuries, men and women, and that the woman was dependent on men morally and financially. And its main function - continuer kind of had a patriarchal society, meaning only when it is mandatory loyalty, because only in this case one can be sure that the child born from her husband.

Over the last hundred years there have been changes that make a difference. Women gained financial independence, social rights and guarantees, and most importantly - had the opportunity and the right to regulate fertility (the right to abortion and contraceptives are strongly contributed to this).

In this regard, you can see that many people tend to call anomie, namely women in big cities in terms of sex manifested typical male behavior. Leave at the moment moral questions, just face the facts. This may suggest biologists that males and females of the same species can have different sexual behavior, i.e. the male can not be polygamous, and the female - monogamous.

So men and women cheating does not depend on biological laws (or rather, not only from them), and on education, human rights and freedoms, as if men do not try to justify their own behavior. mo

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