Lessons flirting

Lessons flirting
 The ability to flirt - an essential skill in relationships with the opposite sex. Thanks to him, fellowship of men and women turns into an exciting game where every gesture, word or movement becomes a symbol, or a hint of promise. And most importantly - to master the techniques of flirting pretty simple.

First of all, you should pay attention to your own attitude. After all, the basic rule of successful flirting - confidence. To achieve the full satisfaction of his personality, get auto-training. Say to yourself refrain short phrases, such as "I am the most beautiful and charming" or "I told him exactly like me." Just do not use the word "want", "will", "hope", as psychologists say, that way you only postpone desired effect: these words refer to the day tomorrow, at the time, as we must act here and now.

The main language of flirting - body language - in other words non-verbal cues. It is thanks to them can demonstrate their sympathy, not vain repetitions, as well as to understand whether the partner responds in kind. Pay attention to the position you are interested in a man, if his arms or legs are crossed, then most likely you are unable to arouse his interest or interlocutor just very shy. On the contrary, relaxed posture, hands, brushed his head - a clear indication that the contacts have been established.

Do not underestimate the power and touch. If you have experience with a man, try to casually slip a hand over his hand to brush away nonexistent speck of dust from the back. If your familiarity only took place or you do not know each other, then touch ... to your own body. Of course, the movement should be light and as if by chance. For example, in thought touch the lips, start to wind a lock of hair on the finger or stroke collarbone.

Get eye contact. Look directly into the eyes of a man, smile and look away. This will give him to understand that you do not mind to meet or continue talking. If you looked up again the object of your desires, you will notice that he continues to look at you, you know - the goal is reached.

Remember that the most important thing is your weapon - a smile. The Snow Queen is very often left alone, despite its beauty. After all, few people dare to approach the arrogant Taciturn. Be sincere attention to the interlocutor, laugh in response to his jokes and fun to hold a conversation. Your spontaneity and sense of humor will be appreciated.

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