I found my love through the Internet

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 Scientific and technological progress affects your life, habits and attitudes and imposes its own particular mark. Internet has long mastered the feelings and thoughts of the most advanced category of humanity in the world. And Russia is no exception.  

The Internet has changed the attitude and understanding of the world, and sometimes you have no idea how to find the information you need without the Internet. With it, you write essays, play, watch movies, listen to music, read books, make money.

Therefore, it became natural that the Internet penetrates into a sphere of human relations as love. Many online dating sites offer who wants to find a partner for communication and develop a relationship. People often find love on the internet. What is the difference between this kind of love from real human relationships, and what are the advantages and benefits of love on the internet?


You choose with whom to build relationships and communicate. As a rule, dating sites offer a huge selection of interlocutors, and your task - to choose someone who you like more than others. Leading virtual conversation, you slightly embellish their advantages, but if you want a long-term relationship, this is not necessary, because at the time of this meeting, people will notice all the lies that you passed off as truth.

You build your relationships, slowly and without risk, as in life, which in a moment you can not say what was needed. Being near a computer, you can always review your answers, think and decide what you really want to write his companion at a time.

Another advantage - is openness. Through the Internet, we can write the words that you would never say in real life. You are not afraid of the reaction to your emails - it can be both negative and positive side of love through the Internet.


Communicating via the Internet, you do not see your partner can not hear it, and photos in the avatar can not convey the nuances of his appearance. Often people on the Internet are a fictional person, and when you meet in real life, there comes a complete disappointment. Often, your virtual partner is many miles away from you, in another city or in another country. Meet with the pen pal is more than problematic.

However, people continue to find a soul mate online. And such cases, there are more and more. Do not think that love on the internet for losers. Shift into virtual novels, and boldly go forward towards its goal.

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