How to win a stranger for five minutes

How to win a stranger for five minutes
 People meet, people fall in love ... However, in the turmoil of modern life, it is important not to overlook the very soul mate. Although women for decades fighting for equality, the initiative in the relationship remains in male hands. What to do if you have available just a short 5 minute conversation, after which re-dissolve the stranger in the crowd? That's right, charm!

In order to assess women's appearance, a man takes 30 seconds. In that short time he looks round the figure, face, and imbued with a sympathy or remain indifferent. So the first rule - to monitor their own appearance. Of course, you should not do evening makeup, going to the store for bread, but run out of the house in a stretched-shirt is not worth it. For men, it is important not so much compliance with the standards of beauty and fashion, but the proportionality of shapes and grooming. Manicure neat, clean hair, neat clothes that emphasizes your strengths, make him interested in you. It is important that the selected image you feel comfortable: girl, awkwardly fingering feet shod in high-heeled shoes, looks at least funny.

Remember that a smile to communicate. Men also tend to embarrassment and shyness so friendly expression on your face will get noticed guy is completely open. In addition, a smile makes you more attractive. Therefore, if the corners of her mouth now and then sadly fall down, it is necessary to control their own facial expressions. Positive people always attract more positive emotions than those whose face is constantly complains.

During the first conversation should also follow a few guidelines. First, try to talk less and listen more. Do not just share with man all the details of his life. Let his interest remain unsatisfied, and with it an incentive to continue the acquaintance and meet again. On the other hand, do not play in a silence, monosyllabic answers to all questions. Otherwise, you risk seem taciturn and haughty figure, which simply does not consider it necessary to hold a conversation. Use your sense of humor, answering questions too personal jokes and smiles.

It is believed that only female attention can win compliments. But the stronger sex is also very susceptible to praise. However, do not overdo it - too big words and hasty conclusions will look blatant flattery. Proceed on the situation, for example, check his ability to keep the conversation or joke lighten the atmosphere.

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